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Italian’s Finger Food landes at London! Next week at “Hops and Glory” you can find regional specialties of Marche.

Il particolare hamburger finger presentato a Londra

The Finger Food phenomena capture Italy to and rather we can find realities that reach to create a brand around finger food, show it in the menù and make it more specific with the use of regional products. The Doppio Zero Lab of Macerata is one of this realities, they introduce every day, at lunch and aperitif, high quality Finger Food maked with a huge contribution from Marche culinary tradition.

Cartoccio di finger food con prodotti marchigiani

Doppio Zero Lab try to move this concept to London, where this week, they will show at “Hops and Glory”a selection of special Finger Food: Vincisgrassi and Crunchy Carbonara a perfect balance between Marchigian and London style. The real star of the show will be the “Vinci’s Burger”, a Finger Food that got the classical look of a London Hamburger. Hamburger for the basement, eggs bread that remember the concept of lasagna, ragù sauce and a crunchy sheet of dough with Parmigiano. This is a first step to test London taste in the case of Italian Cuisine, know about what they like from our specialities and use this like the ground to start an important project with a Finger Food hearts.

Finger italiani a Londra

The date to live in real this event is 10 june at 12 a.m at“Hops & Glory” London.